Breathing new life into a heritage church

A New Cultural, Community, Tourism and Recreation Destination

The Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church, the presbytery and the old stables are all part of a vast green space that constitutes a magnificent natural heritage site along the river.

The site offers an exceptional framework for creating a new cultural, community and recreation destination that will enhance the space and provide a sense of belonging for local residents.

The Church: An Auditorium for Shows and Circus Arts

An architectural landmark in the local landscape, the old Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church has been reinvented as a cultural hub with a versatile, multidisciplinary auditorium and circus arts centre. With this transition, the church will become a community meeting place for local residents and could become an important new destination in East Montreal.

The Presbytery: A Country-Style Restaurant with Riverside Terrace

Converting the presbytery into a country-style restaurant is a flash from the past with the multiple inns that were historically located in the Pointe-aux-Trembles village. They would welcome those travelling on the Chemin du Roy (King’s Road) between Montreal and Quebec City.

With its exceptional location and well-preserved heritage charm, the old presbytery is ideal for creating a new exquisite, accessible culinary destination. This heritage building boasts high ceilings and a welcoming ambience with an exceptional landscape and beautiful riverside terrace.

The Stables: A Seasonal Refreshment Stand

With its rural charm, the stables will become a refreshment stand in the summertime, offering local products from Quebec. There is also a terrace next to the stables where local residents can relax and meet with others.

The Courtyard: A Lively Event Space

A truly evolving space, the courtyard is the spot for a variety of festive activities throughout the year, including outdoor events, fun group games (petanque, cricket, bean bag toss, etc.) and food shows that complement the farmer’s market that currently takes place in the Place du Village-de-la-Pointe-aux-Trembles.

The Orchard: A Friendly, Country-Style Picnic Area

A project to plant fruit trees on the grounds of the old church is planned, which will create a beautiful orchard. It will give the space a warm, country-style feel that will be perfect for quiet outdoor activities, like picnics, relaxing, meeting with friends, etc. People will also be able to pick up a basket and beverage from the refreshment stand at the stables and sit and enjoy a picnic alone, with friends or with family.

As an extension to the refreshment stand terrace, a place to take a stroll or a space to enjoy a family picnic, the orchard will be a picturesque spot for locals all year round.

Images of the project