The District Revitalization Process

What did the revitalization planning stages look like?

Since the beginning of the project, in the fall of 2019, the Société de développement Angus (SDA) has wanted to implement an urban revitalization process that is adapted to the local context. In other words, carrying out each stage of the project in a responsible, proactive way to maximize the positive impact it has on the local community. 

The first step in project planning was to order historical and urban analyses of the district to better understand the framework and characteristics of the neighbourhood where the revitalization project is to take place.

First Steps in the Project Process

  • Research and historical analysis by historian Martin Landry
  • Urban analysis of the district by the architects and city planners at Provencher_Roy
  • Development of the project layout within the existing framework by the architects and city planners at Provencher_Roy
  • Architectural design by ADHOC, an architecture firm known for designing buildings that are well integrated into their environment.

Public Consultation

The SDA increased the number of consultations and worked closely with local residents and organizations:

  • Public space opened in 2021 at 12009 Notre-Dame Street to collect proposals and feedback from local residents.
  • Survey on residential and business needs held by Léger Marketing Firm.
  • Workshop on what it means to be a Pointe-aux-Trembles resident and stakeholder.
  • Virtual platform to connect with local residents on business needs.
  • Project presented at a public consultation meeting on June 12022.
  • Support for local activities in the neighbourhood.

Choice of Location

Choosing the right buildings for the project was a long, painstaking process to ensure that several properties could be purchased together with minimal impact on local residents and business owners. 

The following guiding principles were used for this purpose: 

  • Acquire dilapidated buildings with no heritage value.
  • Support residents and business owners who will need to relocate.
  • Put a temporary occupation project in place for vacant buildings on Notre-Dame Street to liven up the area and avoid billposting on the buildings before construction begins.

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